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Sell My Car Dubai

If you often ask yourself “how can I sell my car dubai?” let me tell you that you have come to the right place! In order to sell car in Dubai to an individual or a private buyer, the seller requires some serious struggle and energy. Consider the steps and process you may have to go through: First, you need to do all the repairs and detailing for your vehicle to look all perfect and clean, then take some attractive pictures of your car. At this point, you need to create a classified ad to sell your car Dubai online on all platforms including the ones that you need to pay for! Then, answer emails and phone calls, and worst bother yourself arranging appointments for buyers to check out your car, most of whom will either cancel or never show up! Now let’s just say, the buyer shows up and is very much interested, you have to deal with all the paperwork, banks & payments, and the possibility of fraud during the transaction. Once you are in luck, you have a potential client that you need to take out for a test drive, negotiate on the selling price, meet an agreement and yet there is a 50/50 chance that you will sell your car.

When offering to Linda Cars, you simply drive-in. Yes, That’s right! The only thing you need to bring are the necessary documents, in a short time, you will be able to sell your car for the best price in cash. No appointment necessary, a completely hassle-free way to sell your car Dubai immediately. We assure you the best cash offer by comparing your car and analyzing the market through popular websites like Dubizzle, YallaMotor, sellanycar, etc.



Beware!!! Most people will just want to come to check your car without any intention of buying it. Although Dubai is the safest city with the least crime rate it is still advisable to be responsible and cautious while dealing with strangers. The buyer may want to come to your house to make you feel comfortable, check your garage however he/she may not be intrigued. In other circumstances, the buyer takes your vehicle for a test drive and gives their driving license as security, except you did not notice it was fake or expired or after any damage caused the driver does not want to take the responsibility. There is also a very high chance the buyer for no reason expects a huge negotiation on the deal just because they drove all the way to you. At that point the deal doesn’t go in the manner in which your buyer expected, causing unwanted tension.

None of this is an issue when you sell your car to Linda Cars, and since you are dealing with a reputable company that has to abide by standards and rules this is the best way to sell your car. You’re protected by the law and know they won’t be messing around. Linda Cars have been dealing in buying and selling used cars in Dubai for years, assuring you complete peace of mind.


How do I sell my car in just minutes?

We all know Dubai is the city of the most luxurious cars and due to the competitive market, it is clearly not very easy to sell your car Dubai for cash when every other showroom here has car offers and discounts going on for brand new cars with installment plans. Here, at Linda Cars selling your car in Dubai process will take couple of minutes. Yes, sell your car in 30 minutes Dubai guaranteed! Sell your car to Linda Cars which is the fastest way to get instant cash. Sell your car Dubai online for the best price in cash. Our team will make sure you leave with complete satisfaction and relief. Selling it privately may take you weeks or months of struggle considering the mutual free time for each individual interested in your car—if you’re able to find a buyer at all.


Will it be Convenient to sell my car in Dubai?

Sell car in Dubai can be extremely frustrating considering all the hard work and time which can be avoided. Drive your car one last time to Linda Cars which is located in the heart of Dubai. Confirm the sale, enjoy your coffee, take your cash and go home—how much easier can it get? Unlike private sales, you won’t have to align your schedule with the “no-shows,” worry about crime or waste time posting ads and emailing prospective buyers just to get cash for your car.



Don’t mess with the paperwork. Sell your car today and we will handle all the paperwork for you, so you won’t have to worry about anything other than the price and signing your name. With a third party or private buyer, you’ll have to deal with all title transfers and bills of sales which is not the best way to sell your car.



If you choose to sell your car at Linda Cars, once all terms are agreed upon and contracts are signed, you’ll no longer be responsible for the vehicle—so as long as you weren’t attempting to deceive. With private parties, you may be liable for any vehicle problems; should the buyer become angry, they may file a lawsuit or even attempt to collect their payment in other unsavoury ways. Private buyers may also attempt to scam you by paying in counterfeit bills, fraudulent third-party checks, or fake money orders.


Want to Trade-In Or Sell Your Used Car?

Get a free online trade in appraisal in minutes without having to come to the dealership. Get cash or trade it in for any car on our lot.

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